Steven Creamer Photography


Welcome to Steven Creamer Photography. I am a portrait and wedding photographer committed to capturing the stories of the fascinating and unique people I have the honour to work with. Looking to book? I'd love to hear from you! 

A Creative Collaboration

There is an art to capturing a person's character or the emotion of a special moment. My work is focused on understanding the stories of those I work with so that I can truly capture who they are. As such, I see my photography as a collaboration between you and I - my clients matter to me and I work hard to develop a relationship that will produce the amazing outcomes we all hope for.  

An Artistic Fascination 

The art of photography has fascinated me for many years. I take great care with the technical elements of my work: composition, framing, contrast and perspective, as well as seeking to infuse layers of meaning into each shot. It's a tall order but it's that challenge that makes the art of photography so compelling for me.